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What is required from employers?

Employers will be required to enrol most employees (known as jobholders) into a pension scheme and make contributions to it. The pension scheme must meet certain minimum requirements so that it is a Qualifying Scheme (QS). The date from which employers will need to do this varies from employer to employer and is called the ‘staging date’.

Auto enrolment will have a major impact on employers, particularly for those with no current provision, or current low pension membership participation rates.

From their ‘staging date’ employers will have to:

• Choose the qualifying scheme to discharge the newly arising duty and enrol qualifying employees into the qualifying scheme; and either

• Make a minimum 3% contribution towards a defined contribution scheme (based on Qualifying Earnings) which will be phased in or

• Offer membership of a defined benefit scheme which either has a contracting out certificate or meets the ‘test scheme standard’.

Employers will also have an ongoing duty to maintain qualifying pension provision for employees who:

• Are already members of a qualifying scheme; or

• Become members of such schemes.



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